The work I have produced thoughout my career as an artist in New Zealand, has been predominantly centred on landscape, or more specifically, place. The places around which I have based my work are those that have significance in my life where I or my family have lived, or still live, or visit regularly. Mt Eden, Opito Bay, Piha, the Gisborne area amongst others have repeatedly featured in my work over the years. Recently visits to various centres and sites of interest in Britain and Europe have resulted in the production of images in situations where there is a combination of such things as visual elements, history, myth, etc which link to the core elements of my work. 

I am interested in how the various elements of the landscape/place interact  The soft and the hard, the still and the moving, the constant state of flux.  I see the land as impermanent, constantly changing, in a state of transition between the past and the future.

I am interested in the place of people in the landscape, how we understand our position within the landscape, which I see as being at the centre of a surrounding landscape through which we move and with which we interact both physically and mentally. Also in how we humanise, mythologise and memorise significant places.

I am interested in continuity and connections, and find reading in the field of archaeology, particularly the Neolithic in Britain and the paleolithic, a constant source of ideas and at times affirmation that what I am doing is valid and has meaning. I am indepted to the writing of Professors Richard Bradley, Chris Tilley and Brian Sykes, David Lewis Williams and to Frances Pryor. Also to senior Maori artist Arnold Manaaki Wilson who when we were discussing these things made the comment that "we all sat around the same campfire once".

By better understanding where we come from we can better understand where we are now.


With this range of interests the resulting work has at times more visual connection to abstraction rather figuration. Michael Dunn describes it as "The Abstraction of Place" [essay Oct. 2010]


This web site will be an ongoing project as I gradually upload albums of work back to the late 1960s.